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fundraising tips and ideas

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1  Set a goal and clearly define your purpose.


2  Set a time to start and finish your fundraiser and stick to it. A period of 2 weeks is recommended.


3  Spread the message through word of mouth, letters to parents, posters, and community announcements.

4  Motivate your group by having a “kick-off” meeting.


5  Seek 100% participation.


6  Give encouragement and incentives to students.

A. Recognize the top seller or sellers in each grade.

B. Make the top sellers famous by putting their name in

print or making them “king” or “queen” for the day.

C. Have the principal or teachers do something crazy if

your goal is reached. (They could wear crazy clothes or

color their hair.)

D. Give everyone who participates a movie day, a pizza

party, an ice cream party, a cookie, a coupon to dress

down, or a pass for extra recess.

E. Give all who sell 20 or more a chance to win a big prize,

such as an iPod, a bicycle, a wii, or cash.

F. Take the top seller/sellers on a shopping trip, with

money to spend.

7  Check progress regularly.


8  Go to local business to see if they will donate incentives. For example, go to the local salon and see if they will donate a free manicure for your top seller. The possibilities are endless! You may be surprised. Some businesses will be glad to help you out as well as gain exposure for themselves.


9  Teach your participants. Fundraising can be a great learning experience for them. Teach them to make eye contact, smile, and introduce themselves. Then they can state what they are fundraising for and ask if the person would like to help by buying a candle. People are more willing to participate in a fundraiser when a student asks instead of relying on their parents to do it for them.

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